Monday, July 10, 2006

Of Blogger snarfs and hacks

I built the template for this blog from the Blogger login page. Don't worry it's not stealing anything... it could be, but that's beside the point. It's kinda fun for a different look. This nifty capability is just one of the things that makes a little less secure than say... the DOD.

If you are interested in the template I'll forward it to you if you can in return point me to some cool new template hack or interesting web site or if you can tell me of someone on the board who is being hacked I'll pass it along to the big guys upstairs.

Pop in a fake username and password in the login area at the top and voila... it's been snarfed.

I won't tell you about the other CSS's I found in Blogger. By the last report they had fixed two of the three. (Thanks to Chris at Google who is guru and a nice guy to boot!)