Whitepapers and APIs

Available upon request:

In Certificates We Trust
See what critical and long-standing flaw poses a threat for transaction based sytems relying on digital certificates.  Of course we also tell you how to mitigate this potential disaster.

Value-added Data De-Identification for Research
How can your organization provide health researchers with life saving data while keeping the data solidly anonymous?

Instant Gratification in the Age of SOA
SOA is all the rage but why does it still poll for asynchronous data under the covers?  See what technology can solve the world wide wait.

Contact us for a copy of our Fuzzy parsing API in either Delphi or C#
A fast and feature rich distance algorithm with a switch for turning on OCR compensation and common letter reversals.  This algorithm compensates for match strength ratings for varying size input unlike other distance algorithms.  Our library also provides you with both a fit rating in a pure % ratio AND also gives you control over a pure fuzzy windowing ability where you can get a quick and dirty Yes, No or Maybe response from the algorithm.
* Feel too stretched for time to implement it?  Let us do the work for you.  Contact us for details and we can arrange to code it into your product using an open source license.