Friday, July 07, 2006

And you thought it couldn't be done

I'm a computer security guy who's too busy for words. There are so many things happening right now as far as cool hacks out there. Of course I feel compelled to learn as many of them as possible.

Not long ago I reported a few issues to Google regarding Some of the features that make the system really cool also make it easy to pilfer passwords and stuff so beware if you are on someone's blog and suddenly it asks you to sign in again. That's a sure sign that someone is trying to snarf your password.

I am working for a small company right now but I maintain a web site that has cool security shareware on it that I've written. There's something there for every web tinkerer from programs that let you test web sites without using a browser incase you're examining sites with active vulnerabilities on them. I've also got a program on there that stops about 70% of active hacks out there for IE and allows you to blacklist sites you don't care to ever be bothered by again like adverts / smam sites or sites you know are up to no good. There are also programs to help you snarf web content including text and screen shots. Anyway if you care... take a look and see what you can pick up there for free.

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