Regulatory Compliance

We have extensive experience in HIPAA, HITEC, EHNAC, GLB, DOD, NIST, Meaningful Use, CMMI, ISO 9000 and other regulations and can help you get compliant with a reasonable, low-cost staged approach.

Most regulatory compliance centers around self-policing, disclosure, policy and procedure.  Low cost measures and a few documents will get you 70% compliant with these regulations if they are done properly.  Each regulation mentioned and their sub regulations share common elements which can be readily satisfied with the right documents.  Each regulation also requires some amount of self-testing and external auditing.  We can help you prepare from an auditor's perspective for what evidence is required to show.  Most business owners don't know there are legal exclusions for certain situations but the escape clauses have to be invoked and you must prove you are implementing reasonable measures.  Our experts know what is included in the definition of reasonable effort and what minimal effort will get you compliant and what optimal efforts can be employed to make you as safe as the regulations are designed to encourage.

We will save you significant amounts of money on compliance and can get you out of trouble with auditors as we document your efforts to comply. Seeking the help of a compliance expert will automatically (in most cases) buy you breathing room even if an auditor has found you in violation.  Let us deal with the auditor and present the required evidence and detail for you.