Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Error initializing queued image'

Working with Faxman you may receive the following error: 'Error initializing queued image'.  This error occurs when faxman is trying to create an appropriate outgoing image for a fax document usually using a .FMF or a .PDF. 

If you are using a .FMF file then likely the error is an issue of access.  For example you are running the faxman service under a "Local" account and the file resides on a share. 

For most other cases you may have the incorrect file path, incorrect file name or wrong file type!  Check your file type to ensure it's coming in as a proper .FMF or proper .PDF file.  Put a debug line in your code just as you add the filename to the fax.  Copy the file path out and paste it into your file browser to ensure it's valid.  Dump it to MadEdit or another binary capable text editor to take a peek at what's inside.  Chances are if your path is correct then you will discover the file type is a standard tiff (not a FMF) or an incompatible 3rd party type.

Happy debugging,